About Us

Welcome ~

Glad to know that you are interested in who TheDogHug are.

Well, we are actually a group of people who think dogs are really good canine friends. We love them and of course, each of us (or maybe some of us) has deep knowledge with years of experience in how to choose, to raise and to face with problems revealing to dogs.

We used to be a beginner as a dog parent, which is synonymous to the fact that we understand how difficult and overwhelming you might get in this stage. Like, what characteristics of puppies will fit yours, what to prepare before bringing them home, how to raise them and some other issues such as vaccination, pets and children, etc.

Besides, we also find that some busy people such as office workers, parents or businessmen who really, really love raising a dog but their business disturbs them from having one. Those are the reasons why we decided to set up this blog where we can give you a hand.

If you are stuck in one of these mentioned matters, let’s consult the “Find the Right Puppy for You” and “Tips and Tricks” Category. These are places where we share a lot of useful and realistic advice, guideline, tips, and tricks on a specific dog breed, based on our experience.

We also give you some highly-recommended products such as clothes, food, and house for them so that even a busy guy can easily make his choice. Take a look at “Dogs’ Products” Category!

But to talk about the ones that enthuse over our interest, they are “Dog’s Galleries” and “Dog’s News & Stories” Category, in which we can share our concern together.

Sincerely, we hope that TheDogHug is a helpful reference source for any new dog parents as well as a good channel that we – animal lovers – can share our pet’s pictures, news, stories, experiences and lots of other things like that together to grow them better.